Old static versions of some old websites and pages, not all by me. This page by Phil Gyford.

HotWired Demo from 1995

A demo version of Read more about it.

Wired UK Archive

Web versions of most of the articles from the 1990s version of Wired UK magazine.

A few GeoCities sites

Read more about what and why.

My personal website

A few pages from previous versions of my own website.

My first home page
Designed on a 640x480 resolution Mac with 6Mb RAM, without the aid of tables or font tags, but wow, this new Netscape lets you put images in the background… Complete.
I’d forgotten about this extremely brief attempt to produce stuff for my site more regularly.
First personal site
Went online in 1997 with this snapshot from the end of 1998. An attempt to do something more interesting, even if it broke some browsers, putting all essential content in a small pop-up box.
Back to <H> tags
A welcome return to an extremely low maintenance page with less revealing content. This version is from April 1999 and I used the same format until the following year.
A splash of colour
A better gateway to other stuff on the site.
A more colourful and structured personal homepage from May 2000.
Daily Phil
A sample page from an attempt to write frequently. I usually hated the colours and design, but I was forcing myself to avoid monochrome. All the content has now been resurrected here (in monochrome).
Long term home
The home page looked something like this for a few years, although increasing numbers of elements were added to it over time, the photos being most recent.
Photos front page
How my archive of photos looked before moving them all to Flickr. Also: A collection front page and An individual photo page.
The front page, slightly modified
From early 2006. Plus the front page of the Writing section and my timeline, apparently stuck in 2005. Just after this I changed the design…
A new design
In 2006 I re-designed the site, and then some months later slightly modified it again. This example of the front page is from nearly three years later using that second modification, although the same content in the first 2006 style would have looked something like this.
The same design in 2018
An archive of some pages in this design before the site changed to compeltely new code. Includes:

Haddock Directory

A directory of links posted to a mailing list.

Haddock Directory v1
A sample page from this design of the site (thanks to the Internet Archive). This design ran from the site’s inception in late 1997 for about a year. Some images are missing unfortunately.
Haddock Directory v2
This second design ran from 1998 to the end of 1999.
Haddock Directory v3
The third design for the site, this one running from 1999 to June 2003. It had two alternative layouts for the categories.


My weblog about the future, which run from around September 1999 until 2009.

Overmorgen v1
An example of the first version. It ran in this format, using some home-brew code, from September 1999 (at least, that when the first entries are dated) to 8 May 2002. More at
Overmorgen v2
A design that ran from 2002 until 2008, although for the final three years it wasn’t updated. More at
Overmorgen v3
The final version, a design that ran until 2009 when I made the last post on the site.

Other personal projects

Digital Time
An early project to construct a timeline of computer- and net-related events. Aborted when I found far more exhaustive versions elsewhere.
The cutting edge of digital news production, online around the world in minutes.
…and the ‘blog’ you rode in on
An early case of collaborative snark.
A non-functioning version of Byliner’s first incarnation, which was online from March 1999 to January 2003.
A short-lived blog that was “an attempt to create a reading list of the very best books about everything”.
Whit Stillman
This version of ran from 13 July 2010 until 10 August 2014. A barely-altered version of WordPress’s Twenty Ten theme.
Where is STML?
Originally at, then at