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Henry Winchcombe, the second Baronet (1659-1703) was the son of Sir Henry Winchcombe and Frances Howard. He was
blind from an early age but, despite this, was a Member of
Parliament in 1688.His first wife was
Elizabeth Hungerford of
Shinfield (1675/6-1684) and they had five children - Frances
(1679), Elizabeth (1682), Henry(who died young so that the
Baronetcy ceased with his father and the Winchcombe family
name at Bucklebury also ceased), Mary(1683) and Flower
Sir Henry's second wife following the death of Elizabeth
Hungerford in 1684 was
Elizabeth Rolle. This second marriage
produced another daughter, Henrietta in 1689.

Lady Frances Winchcombe(1679-1718) the eldest daughter, married Henry St John Viscount Bolingbroke(1678-1751). Bolingbroke (a statesman and politician) was plotting a Jacobite Restoration and found it necessary to flee to France and exile on the death of Queen Anne. His wife had settled Thatcham on him and it was forfeited to the Crown on his attainder in 1715
who sold it to the
Duke of Chandos. Frances had inherited
Bucklebury from her father and this too she conveyed to
Bolingbroke but it was re-conveyed to her when he was forced
to go into exile.

Elizabeth Winchcombe died of smallpox in 1705

Mary Winchcombe(1683-1719/20
) the joint heiress of her father with her sister Francis married Robert Packer(1677/78 - 1731) the son of John Packer and Elizabeth Stephens.  Her
eldest son, 
(Winchcombe Howard Packer) inherited the
Bucklebury Estate following the death of his Aunt Frances.

Flower Winchcombe probably died early as she is not
mentioned further. As her mother died in the year of Flower's
birth it looks rather as though both died during the birth or
shortly after.

Henrietta Winchcombe is shown as having died in 1705 in one source but it seems that her mother (who, after her
husband's death married
Thomas Skerrett) brought a case for
a share in the Bolingbroke estates on behalf of herself and
Henrietta.  Thomas Skerrett had been attainted for High
Treason following a Rebellion in Ireland which probably didn't
help Elizabeth's case

Henry Winchcombe,
the son of John Winchcombe and Martha (see 7th Generation) looks to be the Henry who managed to carry on the name in  Frampton-on-Severn in Gloucestershire
where he married Sarah.  This is dealt with more fully on the
Gloucestershire page.
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