Anne Boleyn - executed 1536
Mary Boleyn

Henry Winchcombe and Elizabeth Miller had one son:

   Henry Winchcombe (1641 - 1667).
He became the first of the
three Sir Henry Winchcombes being created a Baronet on the 18th June 1661.  He married Frances Howard at Swallowfield on the  6th October 1657.  Frances was the daughter of Thomas Howard the 3rd Earl of Berkshire and his wife Frances Harrison. Here we have a tenuous connection to Royalty as
Frances is likely to have come from the Howard family that produced Anne Boleyn's mother (Elizabeth Howard). At most a cousinship could be claimed as Howard families abounded at the time.  Anne's sister, Mary, married William Carey and their daughter (Catherine) married
Sir Francis Knowles. Catherine and Francis' son married Joan Heigham - the second wife of Francis
Winchcombe -
see….) and their daughter, Lettice married Robert Dudley, Earl of Essex - Queen Elizabeth the First's great favourite. There are some schools of thought that suggest Henry VIII as the girl's father as Mary is thought to
have had an adulterous relationship with the King and her son Henry was almost certainly the result of this liaison. Mary had no more children after the affair between Henry and she ended which gives some credence to the idea. There is another possible connection to Anne Boleyn...her first cousin (Adrian Fortescue) had a daughter who married
William Norreis...) The Winchcombe's, it seems, were moving in illustrious circles - but kept their heads!
Lady Frances endowed a Blue Coat School at Thatcham.  When she died she asked to be buried in the chancel at Bucklebury and to be carried there from wherever she happened to die "in a hearse adorned as is usual for persons of my quality attended only with three coaches and six horses to each coach".  She is rumoured to haunt Thatcham in a ghostly coach.
Henry and Frances had one son, another Henry, before the elder Henry died at the young age of twenty-six on the 2nd December 1667.

John Winchcombe and Martha had five children of whom little is known.

John Winchcombe , the eldest son and heir has been mentioned on the Sixth Generation Page which dealt with the suit in Chancery brought by his mother. It is not known whether he married or had issue.

   Elizabeth Winchcombe
married Robert Mills

Frances Winchcombe became Mrs Norwood.

   Benedict Winchcombe
of whom nothing is known.

  Henry Winchcombe of whom nothing concrete is known but it
seems likely that he was the Henry born in 1650 who crops up in later years as a wealthy clothier/mercer in Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. He died in 1723 and his tombstone is engraved with the Winchcombe Coat of Arms. He was the start of the Gloucestershire branch of which more will be added on
the Gloucestershire Winchcombe Page.
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