John Winchcombe the second
Ann Winchcombe is named as Ann in her brother Henry's Will which suggests that any       references to Amy in her father's Will are a misreading of the old script for the name Anne. Anne married Robert Biddle . A Robert Biddle was the Mayor of Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire in 1558 who may be the same man.  Winchcombes thrived in the clothing trade in Wotton under Edge and surrounding areas in later centuries

Henry Winchcombe (1514 - 1562/63). Henry inherited the dye-house in Newbury from his father and presumably continued the trade. He also held the Manor of Farnborough which his father had transferred to him in 1554.  He still held it at his death and his wife retained a life-interest.  He married Agnes Horton the daughter of Thomas Horton, a Wiltshire clothier.
Her brothers William and Edward are mentioned in several of the Wills, Deeds and financial transactions of the Winchcombes of this period. The couple had several children - Ann, Alice, John, Thomas,Henry, Walter, Mary and Hester.
When Henry died in 1562/1563 an inventory was taken of his household goods at his house in Newbury which included his articles of clothing - "a jacket of satin, several jerkins, 3 doublets, a pair of hose, a cape, 2 riding clothes, other apparel and clothes, boots and spurs and a ring upon his finger." He seems to have been well turned out - but not in any showy fashion!  I'm a little concerned by the fact that he had only one pair of hose - perhaps he was dressed in his spare pair for burial! He is buried in Newbury Parish Church and the burial recorded under the name of
Harry Smallwood alias Winchcombe. The Manor of Farnborough remained with his wife until she died.

John(3) Winchcombe (1519 - 1572/3). John(3) is often referred to as John of Henwick. Henwick was one of his brother Thomas' holdings but perhaps he lived there before taking up residence in the Manor House of Bucklebury built by his father. He inherited the lordship of the manor of Bucklebury as the son and heir of John(2).  The clothing factory passed to him as well and, presumably, the trade continued.  He  was High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1560 - 1571.
He married
Helen Taylor and the couple had four children - Francis, John(4), Anne and Henry.

Thomas Winchcombe (1520 -1574). Thomas deserves a page to himself and so he has one . Click on his name or the link below. His is a very intriguing story.
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