Arabella Fermor
      grand-daughter of
    Frances Winchcombe
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John Winchcombe and his wife, Mary Verrey had six children:-

John Winchcombe was born on the 23rd February  1599/100 and married Martha. Family tradition says  that he left Berkshire for Wales in 1656 but later  history  does not bear this out. He died on the 25th April 1669  seised of what seems to have been a good deal of lands and estates but with debts of £6000 - a huge sum. When his Executors (Seymour Bowen, William Blunt and William Gawen) were notified of this debt they refused to accept the Trust or to prove the Will. The  son and heir (John) also refused and threatened to "enter into the premises and receive the profits as heir at law". This would have left the debts unpaid. It seems  that he and his mother, Martha, had entered into an  agreement whereby the estates of Farnborough and Henwick would be sold to meet some of the debts, that  other lands would be let or sold to provided portions  for the younger children of the family and to provide  maintenance for Martha - leaving the  rest to John. The Executors claimed no knowledge of this 'agreement' and so Martha and her younger children  sued the Executors and the son and heir, John, in the  Courts of Chancery. It seems that she won her case.   It rather looks like collusion between her and her son  to wriggle out of the total debts.
John and Martha had seven children.

Susan Winchcombe married, on the 24th April 1621,  Thomas Roper the   son of William Roper of  Eltham in Kent and his wife, Catherine Browne. Thomas was the great-great-grandson of Sir  Thomas  More whose daughter Margaret More had married William Roper. Susan and Thomas had seven children - Mary, Francis, Thomas, Margaret, George, Frances and William.

Margery Winchcombe died in 1611.

   Anne Winchcombe
- nothing is known.

   Benedict Winchcombe was born in 1607 and possibly married Mary. A Mary, shown as the wife of Benedict  was buried at Thatcham (Henwick) in 1668.

William Winchcombe was born and died in 1608.

Henry Winchcombe
and Mary Wollascott had seven children.

   Henry Winchcombe
who was born in 1620. He married Elizabeth Miller, the daughter of George Miller of  Swallowfield, on the 20th November 1639 at St Martin's  in the Field.  They had one son and Henry died on the 10th November 1642 when only twenty-two years of  age. His son was put under the wardship of Sir  Francis Knowles. He left only his possessions at
Swallowfield to his wife (which were presumably gained  only through his marriage to her). Apart from monetary  bequests to his servants and his mother (by now,
Mrs  Mary Englefield) he left everything else to his "dear and  loving friend" Richard Libb of Hardwick with his mother to say as to what purpose or purposes his lands and  estates be put.

   Anne Winchcombe was born in 1616 and married Edmund Bruning.

    Mary Winchcombe
was born in 1618.  She married Francis Hildesley of Littlestoke and Crowmarsh Gifford.  Mary and Francis had six children one of whom was  Father Francis of the Society of Jesus - a witness at  the trial of Titus Oates.

   William Winchcombe
- nothing is known.

    Frances Winchcombe
was born in 1623 and married Francis Perkins (1622-1660).  They had one son, another Francis through whom Mary  became  grandmother to Arabella Fermor (on her marriage to her grandson (yet another Francis!),  the heroine of  Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock".

    John Winchcombe
who was born and died in 1624 and

    John Winchcombe
who was born and died in 1626.

Thomas Winchcombe
and Jane Rondall had three children of whom nothing is known apart from their names:-

John Winchcombe
       Alice Winchcombe

  Edward Winchcombe
Presumably they lived in Winchester, Hants where their
father was a clothier.
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