Children of Mary Hall nee Winchcombe and William Hall

Benedict Hall - He was the heir to his childless Uncle Benedict of Noke and so inherited the Noke Estates  His name crops up (together with that of Sir Richard Fermor- presumably  his great uncle or his cousin as his Great Aunt Bridget was married to a Thomas Fermor) in countless deeds over land etc that are held in the Gloucestershire Records Office but I have not perused them to discover exactly what they are all about. They seem, in the main, to do with the tenancies etc of his properties. One case which was of interest concerns his Aunt Anne's (Anne Winchcombe nee Falconer) litigation against him over the Falconer lands in Wiltshire. Benedict was the Executor for Anne's father William and sold some of the Falconer lands. Anne sued because the lands sold should have been hers in succession. The basis of the case was that William Falconer  (when appointing Benedict Hall) was over 80 years of age and not of a disposing faculty suffering from loss of memory and the apoplexy and dead palsy - "so that he knew not the day from the night."  Benedict Hall married Ann Wynter, the daughter of Edward and Ann Wynter of Lydney, they had one son, Henry.

  Henry Hall died in 1644.

Cicely Hall married Edward Morgan of Monmouthshire.

Mary Hall married into the Fermor family.

Children of J
ohn Winchcombe and Margery Saunders.

William Winchcombe was born in 1593.  He became a Benedictine monk and took the name 'Brother Anthony'. He died on the 14 July 1618

John Winchcombe was born in 1578 and married Mary Verrey by whom he had six children.

Children of
Francis Winchcombe. There are only 2 baptisms for Francis' children recorded in the Parish Registers of Bucklebury Where the rest were baptised is unknown and this may be because of the Catholicism of the family  

William Winchcombe was born in 1577 and on December the 19th 1598 he married Mary Dunche of Little Wittenham in Berkshire (now Oxon). Mary was the daughter of Edmund Dunche and Anne Fettiplace When William died on July 29th 1614 the following epitaph was put on his grave (bearing the Arms of Winchcombe impaling Norreys) by his widow:

"I loved thee living and lamented thee dead
But in what measure cannot be exprest.
Yet love and sorrowe both will needs be read
Even in the marble (Deare) they do their best.
And tis for others too I put this stone.
To me thy tomb shall be my heart alone.
Twice eighteen years  he viewed Heaven's day
Sixteen he spent in happy wedlock's bonds.
The Graces, Muses and the Fates did lay
Untimely on his webb their hastening hands.
Of heir his house, of all their hopes his friends
Of progenie his wife bereft he ends."

…and as his lamenting widow said - he died childless.

Henry(Harry) Winchcombe was baptised in 1594 and  married Mary Wollascott (the daughter of William Wollascott of Woolhampton. He was the younger son but as William, the son and heir had died in 1614 Henry became the heir to his father's estates and so Lord of the Manor of Bucklebury. Henry and Mary had seven children - Henry, Anne,
Mary, William, Frances and two Johns.

       Joan or Jane Winchcombe,
baptised in 1591,  had  presumably died by the time her father made his Will as she is not named as a legatee like the rest of her siblings although her daughter, Jane, is. Joan/Jane married Edmund Perkins, the son of Francis Perkins and Anne Plowden.

       Thomas Winchcombe
presumably died young as he is not mentioned in his father's Will 

Elizabeth Winchcombe married Brissingham Ayliffe (or Ayling) of Pamber in Hants. Her children are mentioned in her father's Will but not named or numbered!  Perhaps Francis was looking to the future and no children of the marriage had put in an appearance by the time he was making his Will.

       Dorothy Winchcombe
married Sir Richard White ((1566 -1610) of Southwarmbone (S. Warnborough). Before his death Sir Richard (being, as he said, elderly and infirm) made a Deed of Gift of his lands and estates to Francis (his father-in-law), Francis Plowden and Francis Perkins; he also leased his dwelling and its contents to Francis Winchcombe and Sir John Norreys.  This appears to
have been a move to ensure that Dorothy was financially secure and avoided the making of a Will as he stipulated various bequests to be made on his death.  Dame Dorothy later married
Sir John Hall. The marriage to Sir Richard produced two children (Thomas White and Elizabeth White) and perhaps one more as Dorothy was pregnant at the time of Sir Richard's
Anne Winchcombe married her second cousin Richard (or Nicholas) Goddard, the son of Edward Goddard and Mary Kingsmill. Richard was the grandson of John Goddard and Mary Winchcombe (see fourth generation). Anne is referred to as Mrs Bryers in her brother William's Will and so presumably married for a second time.
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