It seems that these started with
Henry Winchcombe who was born in  1650. It is likely that he was the son of John Winchcombe and Martha (see...).  When John died in 1669 he had a son, Henry, who was a minor according to the Chancery case brought by his widow (Martha) after his death.  Henry's memorial in the church at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire has the Winchcombe Coat of Arms engraved upon the stone.

Henry married
Alice (family name not known) and produced 9 children - James (1691-1762) - Henry(1698)- Alice (1695-1723)- Elizabeth (1676) - Mary (1685) - John (1683) - John (1687 - 1734) - Thomas (1689) and Ann (1693).  The first John and Thomas evidently died young as they are not mentioned in theirfather's Will.  Unfortunately, neither are any of Henry's brothers, sisters., parents or cousins which could have confirmed his antecedents. 
Henry died on the 20th December 1723 leaving "two closes and pasture ground known as "Puddiford"(?) and one headland in the parkfields nearby" together with the property in which he "now dwelt" to his son, Henry. Interestingly Henry seems to be his second son rather than his 'son and heir' as he had two elder brothers…..perhaps the dates need some more confirmation!

Mary Winchcombe (1685) married John Wicks, the son of John and Mary Wicks, and they had 6 children - (John (1710) William (1712) Sarah (1717) Richard (1718) John (1720) and Joseph (1725)

John Winchcombe(1687- 22nd July 1734) married Elizabeth Holbrow (from another known family of clothiers and mercers).  She was the daughter of Anthony Holbrow and his wife Elizabeth.  They had 7 children - John, Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, Anne, Alice and Nathaniel.

Elizabeth Winchcombe (1676) married Francis Wood on the 20th March 1701. They had 4 children - Francis (1703), Mary (1707), John (1710), and Henry(1704).

Ann Winchcombe
(1693) married Robert Webb on the 15th Jan 1716/17.  He was the son of  Samuel Webb of Ham Mill in Stroud who had a  mansion called 'Doleman's Ham'.

Henry Winchcombe(
1698) married  Sarah Austin of Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire on the 8th Jan 1824/5.  Sarah came from another great clothing family and her nephew was Humphrey Austin, otherwise k/a "The Great Humphrey". Henry was the Mayor of Wotton under Edge in 1752. Henry and Sarah had 7 children - Alice (1726), Mary (1727), Henry(1730), Katherine (1731), Rebecca (1735) and John (1737).

James Winchcombe (1691-1762) married Sarah Gardner (1693-1773).  Sarah was from yet another well-known family of clothiers and was the daughter of Eleanor and William Gardner. (Eleanor later married Giles Pinfold and died in 1762 at the grand old age of 96 - quite an achievement in that day and age.) James and Sarah had 7 children - Sarah(1721), Mary(1722), Ann(1723), Nathaniel(1725), James(1728), John(1731) and Elizabeth(1734).

Of Henry Winchcombe and Sarah Austin's children I have only the details of their daughter,
- Sarah Winchcombe.  Sarah married Charles Dyer (1729-1789) on the 3rd May 1764 at Wotton under Edge, Gloucs..  Charles was a Mayor of Wotton in 1765 and their son (Henry Winchcombe Dyer) was three times Mayor - in 1765, 1806 and 1823. Charles was the son of William Dyer and Mary Wallington. Both the Dyer and Wallington families were involved in the clothing industry.
John Winchcombe and Elizabeth Holbrow's children all died unmarried.
John Winchcombe born in 1711 died in 1747 unmarried and intestate.
Mary Winchcombe born in 1715 died in 1755 unmarried.
Elizabeth Winchcombe born in 1713 died on the 23 April 1770 unmarried. Elizabeth left a wonderful Will from the genealogy angle as she mentioned almost all of her relatives!
Thomas Winchcombe born in 1718 did not survive long, dying on the 26th August 1719.
Ann Winchcombe born in 1721 died on the 4th June 1735 unmarried.
Alice Winchcombe born in 1725 died in 1725.
James Winchcombe and Sarah Gardner had a bit more luck with their children although only one of them was able to carry on the Winchcombe family name.
James Winchcombe born in 1728 was a clothier of Bownhams, Rodborough, Gloucs. He never married - one can only assume that he didn't have time as he seems to have been a very busy individual!. He owned Ham Mill in Stroud (previously owned by Samuel Webb, the father-in-law of James' Aunt Ann Webb). He was one of the principal shareholders in the Stroud Bank and also a shareholder in the Stroudwater Canal.  He was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire in 1778. He became the 'Head of the Family', it seems, for, whenever a Winchcombe document needed signing or witnessing, James was there, pen at the ready. He took on Executorships, Administration duties, Trusteeships etc., usually in conjunction with his brother-in-law, John Colborne who was an attorney. James died in 1781.
-Ann Winchcombe  born in 1721 married John Colborne (born 1720 Rodborough). He was an Attorney in Stroud.  The couple had a son, Joseph born in 1765.
Mary Winchcombe married another John Colborne, a clothier of Stroud  (the son of Thomas Colborne and his wife Mary Gardner) on the 31st May 1763 in Stroud. It is not known whether there were any children of this marriage.
-Elizabeth Winchcombe married John Hollings(died 1805) on the 1st November 1764.  John was a mercer of Stroud.  John was also one of the principal shareholders in the Stroud Bank and a shareholder in the Stroudwater Canal along with his brother-in-law, James. He was the son of John Hollings, a butcher of Hereford and his wife Letitia Morris.
-Nathaniel Winchcombe was the one to carry on the Winchcombe family name in Gloucestershire, albeit for not much longer.  He married Ann Bell on the 7th June 1756. She was descended from Sir Thomas Bell, a Mayor of Gloucester in 1536, 1544 and 1553 and who died in 1566. Ann gave birth to a son, Nathaniel in 1757 and died on the 7th August 1757.  Nathaniel's second marriage was to Ann Phillimore(1729-1791).  The Phillimores were a family of clothiers from Dursley, Gloucestershire. The family produced W P Phillimore whose genealogical transcripts are a great source for research. This marriage produced 3 more children - Elizabeth(1760), Charlotte(1762) and Henry(1763).
Of these latter four children
Elizabeth Winchcombe married the Rev. Henry Beavan. Henry was the son of Samuel Beavan of Kington in Herefordshire.  These Beavans were related to the "wicked old Squire Beavan" mentioned by Francis Kilvert in his Diaries of 1870-1879. Henry was likely to be his Uncle. Elizabeth and Henry had 3 children - Samuel Phillimore(1787), Elizabeth Anne(1788) and Henry(1791).  Charlotte Winchcombe married Henry Hicks and had 8 children - Henry Winchcombe(1785), John Phillimore (1786), another John Phillimore(1788), Henry Purnell(1791), Charles Edward(1796), Purnell Thomas(1796), Winchcombe(1802) and Anne Phillimore(1805). Henry(1763), it seems, went to Wales where he married (to whom is not known) and had a son Henry born in 1790. Henry(1763) may well have been the "black sheep" of the family.  There was correspondence at a later date between Nathaniel (his brother) and Henry Hicks (his brother-in-law) which mentions getting some money to 'H.W' quickly as it was feared that he might return to England if it was not forthcoming. Whether this is Henry(1763) and why he had to be financed to stay away is not known.
Nathaniel Winchcombe alias Clifford follows on the next page.....
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